Start by setting up your account using these instructions

  1. On your desktop browser go to:
  2. Either login or create an account
    1. To create account select sign up
    2. Select Buyer Account
    3. Enter information and choose a password*
      1. *Password must be 8 characters long requires one capital letter, one lower case letter, and one number
    4. Login into email and click verification link
  3. Add your address to your account – No stores will show up without an address!!!
    1. Select name in top right corner
    2. Under settings on left side select shipping address
    3. Be sure to click set as primary box
  4. Select Mall to see our store (Delivery option only available if set address is within 30 mile radius of our Sylmar location)
    1. Go to Public Mall to see all available options
  5. Add your products to the cart and checkout
  6. Call for any questions