With over 30 years in the speciality foods distribution industry, Brothers Distributions strives to continually deliver quality customer service and provide a vast assortment of products to its customers.


The year was 1985, when two brothers, Peter and John Kankababian, embarked on their dream with only one delivery van.  The journey began with delivering fresh sandwiches to local 7-11’s, with their ultimate vision being to provide specialty foods and pastries to local merchants and give consumers a break from the daily fast food grind.  Within a few years business grew, allowing them to include fresh salads, pastas, pastries and beverages, as well as expanding from one truck to a small group of delivery trucks and drivers.

Their vision has endured for 30 years and continues to expand daily.  Brothers Distribution has multiplied from one van to a current fleet of over 40 customized delivery trucks, and the selection of items available for delivery has increased to over 1,000 items. Along with employing a complete staff of drivers and office personnel, delivery service has expanded beyond the local San Fernando Valley locations to include all of Los Angeles County, as well as the counties of Ventura, San Diego and San Bernardino.