Micro Markets represent a blend of the convenience of vending with an enhanced consumer experience brought about by open product access. This self-checkout kiosk convenience market offers a wide range of healthy sandwiches and salads, beverages, and sweet and savory snacks. A micro market can fit about anywhere but are an ideal solution for employer breakrooms.

Employers can provide an added employee benefit proven to build employee morale and offer real-time savings lending to a more productive work environment. Brothers Micro Markets offers this valuable one stop shop for free. A minimum of 200 employees/residents to be eligible for a micro-market.

Benefits of the micro market

Promotes Employee Engagement and Wellness.

Increases Productivity and Employee Efficiency.

Offers a Balanced Variety of Foods and Beverages Both Healthy.

Markets are Fully Customizable and Utilize Innovative Technology.

Consistent and Dedicated Service by Brothers Distribution.

Installation and Service Free of Cost.


With over 35 years of experience in delivering to and servicing thousands of customers with specialty foods, pastries, and beverages, Brothers
Distribution is expanding its company to now bring a new, exclusive, and
contemporary breakroom to businesses- the Brothers Breakroom Markets.

Brothers Markets provides custom equipment, fixtures, kiosks, coolers,
and a limitless assortment of food, beverages, and the like to cater to all